Like it or not, it takes thousands of dollars to run for office. This money pays for bumper stickers, bill boards, brochures, radio and TV time, and printing costs, just to name a few items. 

It takes hundreds of people just like yourself who are willing to donate just a bit, in order to get our message out. You can bet that the special interests will get the money to the candidates they think will be helping them! 

Here are the rules in New Mexico:
  1. You must give us your name and address in order to make a contribution, and your occupation if you give over $249 total.
  2. We ask also if you will give us your email address and phone number, so that we can contact you about errors or problems. This is not a legal requirement.
  3. Each person can donate up to $2500 to each candidate they choose before June 7, 2016, and another $2500 to each candidate in the general election.
  4. Couples can donate as a couple, or each person can donate independently.
  5. Corporations and Labor unions can donate, unlike in Federal campaigns.
  6. Make out your checks to the Brad Cates Committee, and they will be deposited into a special campaign bank account.
  7. We must report now and then to the Secretary of State, and this report is available for public inspection.
If you would like to donate, click below on your preferred payment method. Thank you!
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